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Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Two out of Five ‘Staches.

A review of this movie could easily read, “everything you already expected”  and it would be amazingly accurate.  Too many movies can have that said about them, but if you have seen the trailer for “Just Go With It” and you see that statement, you can’t help but just agree. (more…)


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Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman…

For the first time ever, a movie on this site will not receive a ‘Stache rating.  While a lot of films I review are not made for me as its target audience, I still can somewhat relate to them and treat them on a certain level that all films can be.  “Gnomeo and Juliet” however, totally overshot that level and while kids and family fun audiences will enjoy it, it was 75 or so minutes of pain to me. (more…)

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Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Three out of Five ‘Staches.

Warning: While I normally do my best not to divulge too much information about a film or present spoilers, to talk about “The Adjustment Bureau” I do have to go into a little more detail than usual at some points, but really I am not saying anything the movie doesn’t tell you itself in the first thirty minutes. (more…)

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