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     I don’t care how cool it may look or how much action and special effects are thrown in, if the movie you are showing me contradicts a very important plot point in the first thirty minutes; I don’t like your movie.

     When giving Neo the rundown of what the matrix is and why he is capable of doing such special things  in the matrix, they have him jump an enormous gap between skyscrapers.  Morpheus makes the jump first and explains something to the effect of, since the matrix is not real, it does not have the same boundaries as the real world.  Knowing this, you can defy the laws of physics.  So in a nut shell, since you know the matrix is not real, you can do spectacular things.  However, about two minutes later they tell Neo, if you die in the matrix, you die in real life because your brain perceives the pain to be real.

     Come on!  If your brain can understand that the matrix is not real allowing you to do everything except escape anyone who is chasing you by just running through walls, then certainly it would know you are not really dead.  “The Matrix” movies are just filled with convoluted piles of crap that in no way can be understood by anyone, which gives the film makers the freedom to do whatever they please and everyone will eat it up like it was an ice cream sundae.  They even put in two albino twins in the second movie that can turn translucent and move through any object making them impossible to hurt.  These two can even have bullets and swords pass right through them using this ability, yet one of the heroes was able to trap one of them for a minute by jamming the albino’s arm in a door!  The dude just passed through cars and walls, yet the old arm in the door trick was too much for him.

     I’m sorry “Matrix” movies, you have no way of ever deeming yourself as anything other than eye candy that makes absolutely no sense.

Hate provided by Matthew Schuchman

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