Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- One out of Five ‘Staches.

At one point, I remember Paul Bettany was a promising actor. Now he just seems to turn up in roles as either a man of the cloth, an angel or a mixture of both. The films he plays these characters in, also tend to be very poor when it comes to storytelling and actual entertainment, “Priest” is no different. Continue Reading »


The ‘Stache has given our review of Michael Rapaport’s documentary on ground breaking hip hop outfit, A Tribe Called Quest, to IPaintMyMind to run exclusively on their site. To read our review, just click on the picture above.

Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Two and a Half out of Five ‘Staches.

When someone close to you passes away, you need something or someone to help you through those times. The character of Hesher in the film of the same name is basically the living manifestation of the healing power of heavy metal. What starts off as a fairly funny twist on a”fairy godmother” tale, falls apart as the serious nature of “Hesher” takes over. Continue Reading »

On May 6th I conducted an interview with Jason Eisner; Director of the insanely fantastic, “Hobo With A Shotgun.” Below are his audio excerpts from the interview proceeded with a short description of the question. Enjoy!

Jason Eisner on…

…the film’s success.

…whether at any point he felt the film was either going too far over the edge or not far enough.

…if at any point did he think to himself, not only do I have Rutger Hauer in my film, but he is really into it.

…how the film has created new buzz for Rutger.

…making the comedy work and writing about bears.

…The Plauge.

…his new project.

…the possibility of Rutger Hauer participating in the new project.

In honor of “Hobo With A shotgun” hitting theaters today, I am reposting my review. As well, I have just finished interviewing the film’s director, Jason Eisner. Stay tuned for audio segments of the interview as well as some pictures from tonight’s “Hobo With A Shotgun” party!

Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Four out of Five ‘Staches.

Even in the middle of watching “Hobo With A Shotgun” I thought to myself, “How can I even begin to try to rate a film like this, even if I enjoyed the whole thing?”  This morning however, the more I thought about the movie, the more I smiled and laughed again.  My original intention was to not rank it at all and just talk about it, but I can no longer hold back, “Hobo With A Shotgun” is a master stroke and does everything right that “Machete” missed on. Continue Reading »


My review for the psychidelic trip fest, “Beyond The Black Rainbow” is posted exclusively on the non-profit arts web magazine, IPaintMyMind.org.

If you are interested in reading the review head on over using the link below.

“Beyond The Black Rainbow”

Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Two and a Half out of Five ‘Staches.

As far as anyone knows, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid were killed by the Bolivian police in 1908. The new film “Blackthorn,” takes the position that maybe Butch and Sundance actually got away and follows the story of Cassidy about 20 years later, now going by the name James Blackthorn. Continue Reading »