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We recently sat down with Andre Overdal, the writer and director of “The Troll Hunter.” Below are some audio cuts of the interview. “The Troll Hunter” is available on demand now and will go into theaters on June 10th. However, if you are in NYC, our friends over at Cinemit.com are holding a free screening of the movie on Sunday, May 22nd.  Head over to Cinemit for all the details and check here to read our review of the film if you missed it.

Andre Overdal on…

1. the film’s reception.

2. if there were a lot of different ideas that were never used.

3. the decision to cast actors who are known for being comedians.

4. choosing to have the actors follow an improv style.

5. if the improv style ever got in the way of the effects.

6. if his next project has started.

7. having Hollywood interested in him.


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On May 6th I conducted an interview with Jason Eisner; Director of the insanely fantastic, “Hobo With A Shotgun.” Below are his audio excerpts from the interview proceeded with a short description of the question. Enjoy!

Jason Eisner on…

…the film’s success.

…whether at any point he felt the film was either going too far over the edge or not far enough.

…if at any point did he think to himself, not only do I have Rutger Hauer in my film, but he is really into it.

…how the film has created new buzz for Rutger.

…making the comedy work and writing about bears.

…The Plauge.

…his new project.

…the possibility of Rutger Hauer participating in the new project.

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