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Hey everyone, we are moving over to www.shalitsstache.com. The site is still under construction and many changes will be made, but all the content (a few missing pictures still) is up over there, so head on over and check it out!


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We recently sat down with Andre Overdal, the writer and director of “The Troll Hunter.” Below are some audio cuts of the interview. “The Troll Hunter” is available on demand now and will go into theaters on June 10th. However, if you are in NYC, our friends over at Cinemit.com are holding a free screening of the movie on Sunday, May 22nd.  Head over to Cinemit for all the details and check here to read our review of the film if you missed it.

Andre Overdal on…

1. the film’s reception.

2. if there were a lot of different ideas that were never used.

3. the decision to cast actors who are known for being comedians.

4. choosing to have the actors follow an improv style.

5. if the improv style ever got in the way of the effects.

6. if his next project has started.

7. having Hollywood interested in him.

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My review for the psychidelic trip fest, “Beyond The Black Rainbow” is posted exclusively on the non-profit arts web magazine, IPaintMyMind.org.

If you are interested in reading the review head on over using the link below.

“Beyond The Black Rainbow”

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The ‘Stache is giving a way a pair of WB Insider Front of Line passes for the upcoming NYC screening of “Arthur” on April 7th at 7:00pm.  The WB Insider Front of Line passes lets you skip the long waiting line and get in first to the theater. You must show up at least 40 minutes prior to show time to take advantage of the Front of Line offer.

Entering is simple; winning is luck. Please, click on the link below and fill out the form supplying your FULL NAME (First names only will not be considered), your email address and a phone number The ‘Stache  can reach you at in case there is a problem with your email. On the night of Tuesday, April 5th, I will put all entries into a “hat” and pick one lucky winner; who will be notified on Wednesday the 6th. Good luck everyone.


Contest Form


In addition, tonight starts the pre-festival press screenings for the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival.  The ‘Stache is ready to run a gauntlet of movies (we have about 33 movies to see in 20 days). Some of the titles we will be seeing, starting tonight include:

Beyond the Black Rainbow


Rid of Me

Troll Hunter

Janie Jones


Like Water (Documentary on Anderson Silva for you MMA fans)


Rabies (Israels first ever slasher flick)

L’amour Fou

Revenge of the Electric Car

Stuck Between Stations

Love Always, Caroline

Angels Crest

Everything Must Go

Grave Encounters

and The Guard

In between we have many more screenings to attend such as Hanna, this Monday, Terri on the 5th, Sympathy For Delicious (Mark Ruffalo’s directorial debut) and many more, including some reviews that I can’t post till the film releases (the “Soul Surfer” review is just sitting here).

Thank you again for reading and good luck to all.

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Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Bald Upper Lip

Dear “Battle: L.A.,” I sincerely apologize. I know I was hard on you and maybe went a little overboard, but after seeing the new Zack Snyder eye candy flick, “Sucker Punch” you deserve an award. (more…)

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Movie Review by Matthew Schuchman- Two and a Half out of Five ‘Staches.

“Limitless” is a fairly opaque film when it comes to the plot. It feels like it overstays its welcome a little at points and somehow lifted its “style” from films like “Wanted” or “Shoot ‘Em Up,” with less action of course.  Yet, in the end, “Limitless” is still an enjoyable experience with characters you will despise, but still empathize with. (more…)

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Hey everyone, our “127 Hours” review will be up by this afternoon.  In the meantime I wanted to drop a reminder to everyone that next week starts the 9th Annual NYC Horror Film Festival.  We will be attending this year and bring you as much coverage as possible.

This year they are presenting a lifetime achievement award to Robert Englund (The original Freddy Kruger if you weren’t sure).  They also will be showcasing the directorial debut film of one Vincent D’Onofrio (Private Pile from “Full Metal Jacket” and Detective Robert Goren from “Law and Order: Criminal Intent).  The film, “Don’t Go Into The Woods” is a twist on the typical slasher story with a musical twist, there the characters sing as they are being murdered; can’t wait.

For further information about the festival go to their website or see the download the press release below.

NYC Horror Film Festival Press Release

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